How to overcome another ‘overrated’ New Years Eve

New Years Reflections

On New Years Eve, we spend time reflecting on the past year.

Our minds usually wander to our new years resolutions, which we typically use to gauge how successful the year has been.

For a brief moment we get excited about how awesome the year was going to be with everything we wrote on the list, before we remember we achieved less than half our resolutions, meaning that we feel like a failure. Possibly the reason many of us get so drunk!

In years gone by, this was certainly the case for me. My resolutions list was as long as my arm with vague wishes – a sure-fire way to guarantee disappointment.

This is probably why a lot of people feel New Years Eve is overrated – despite getting dressed up, drinking champagne and watching fireworks, there is a distinct feeling of disappointment in the air which kills the good vibes.

So how do we combat this? The secret is not to become more efficient, multitask or master new ‘life hacks’. It is actually really simple and much more fun…

We need to train our brains to focus on the positive and remember everything we have achieved, loved and been proud of, rather than the things we failed to achieve. Positivity breeds positivity just like negativity breeds negativity.

You can decide 2014 was really disappointing or really AMAZING and either would be true because your thoughts are your truth.

Ready to choose the amazing option?IMG_7298

To create and reinforce the belief that 2014 has been amazing, start thinking of all your positive moments in 2014.
They don’t need to be epic achievements – just simple moments that made you feel happy.

One of my happiest memories was seeing the morning sun stream through the trees whilst I was running a half marathon in Melbourne. It’s like the sun was cheering me on and I went on to achieve a personal best time.

Remember the “blessings in disguise” too – the things that initially seemed negative, but led you to new, amazing experiences.

Giving thanks for these moments, lessons, memories and achievements is called gratitude and it is really powerful!

Feel like you have nothing to be grateful for? Given that you are ALIVE whilst reading this, how about being grateful for waking up every day? Having access to clean, running water? Having access to fresh food to feed yourself and your family?  For each lesson you have learnt this year?

So cheers, to an amazing 2014 and even more amazing 2015!

With Gratitude x 

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