2015 is the Year of Love

I have one goal this year.GoodNotShould
To love myself more.

Nurturing myself to peak performance, rather than pushing myself to peak performance.

In 2014, I pushed myself way too hard and by the end of the year I was totally burnt out, physically and mentally. One day, I cried for a whole yoga class. Just because I was so damned tired.

I spent a lot of time and money with health practitioners trying to put Humpty Gracey back together again. But money won’t fix the problem unless you deal with the source. And the source of the problem was that I pushed myself too hard in my pursuit of perfection. I worked too much on things that weren’t aligned to my passions and purpose and wasted time chasing perfect.

Just to be clear, I am not saying 2014 was a shit year. Far from it. It was amazing! I launched a new business, raised over $15,000 in crowdfunding, ran three half marathons, started a new job, organised several large events, learnt how to meditate, travelled, experienced birthdays, engagements, babies and weddings.

And those are just the ‘noteable’ events. My practice of gratitude meant I appreciated so much more in my daily life than ever before, and I think ultimately this mindset is what kept me going. Even on the hardest of days I was grateful for something, if only the lessons I learnt.

But 2014 was really freaking hard because I made it hard. I said mean things to myself when I wasn’t getting the results I wanted, then pushed myself even harder to achieve more.

When I collapsed with burnout late in the year, I went away for five days and switched off all technology to let myself just be. I walked, I read, I breathed, I drank tea. I nurtured myself and it felt good.

I wondered what my year would look like if I nurtured myself rather than pushed myself.

So in 2015, rather than set another long list of goals, I have just one. To love myself. To listen to my intuition and do more of what feels good rather than what feels ‘should’. Because our thoughts become our reality. And I want my reality to be filled with love.

Nurturing myself means getting things done, not getting things perfect.

Nurturing myself means being active every day. Some days, that means ten minutes of lounge room yoga. Other days, a long hill run. Either is fine.

Nurturing myself means eating because I am hungry, not because I am stressed.

Nurturing myself means changing the conversations in my head. I tell myself daily that I love my life. That I have a strong, beautiful body. That I am successful. And worthy of abundance.

Nurturing myself means prioritising sleep.

Nurturing myself means learning when to say no.

I am sure there will be days where I briefly fall into old habits. but that’s ok, because I am not Perfect. I am Grace. And Grace is amazing. And I think you are amazing too.

I hope this year you love more and nurture yourself.

With Gratitude x 

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  1. Andressa
    Andressa says:

    I love this. I have learnt about self-love with Jessica Ainscough, Melissa Ambrosini and Anita Moorjani (also met her through Jess). I didn´t know it was so essential to love myself, and had no idea about how to do it!

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