How Gratitude Controls the Universe

Some people, when they hear about ‘gratitude’ just roll their eyes and assume it’s all wo-woo.

How Gratitude Controls the Universe

How can an interior attitude have any effect on the world around them, much less on themselves? They might begrudgingly admit that gratitude might affect their mood and mental attitude to the point of having some benefit on their outlook, but that’s as far as they’ll go. And yet many times these same people will also go out and spend their money on lottery tickets or other gambles, placing faith in something much less effective and much less powerful than gratitude: Simple luck (and ‘luck’ that is usually heavily weighted against them).

The Secret

You may have heard of a best-selling book called ‘The Secret.’ In simplistic terms, this book teaches that a positive attitude will bring good fortune your way because the Law of Attraction that governs the universe means that ‘like attracts like.’ In other words, if you are positive, positive things will come to you.

Many people regard this as spurious, and argue that maintaining a positive attitude and good things happening to you are simple coincidence. However, those who have embarked on a journey of gratitude – like those who use our Appreciation Station, taking a moment every day to contemplate what they are grateful for with a note – know better. The simple fact is, gratitude inspires a positive attitude, and a positive attitude does attract positive things. Here’s how.

The Science of a Grateful Heart

Even if you can’t quite convince your friend, partner or parents to believe in the Law of Attraction, there is an equally scientific reason why gratitude works to affect our exterior experience. Here’s how it works:

  1. By taking a moment every day to use something like the Appreciation Station and contemplate what you’re grateful for, you put your brain into a positive state.
  2. Being positive due to gratitude means you approach people and experiences with an open, honest manner. People respond positively to this whether they are conscious of it or not.
  3. This positivity means that when people have opportunities to hand out – a job offer, an invitation, a prize, an opportunity – they naturally think of you first, because their interaction with you made them feel good due to your positive, gratitude-based demeanor.
  4. When your new opportunities cause you to feel even more gratitude, you build on this positivity, which in turn causes even more powerful reactions from others.

In this way, a cycle of positive changes is sparked. Every new good thing that happens increases your sense of gratitude, and that in turns makes people feel even better about being around you and offering you opportunities.

In this way, you can in fact exert control over the universe and be a powerful attractor of good things. It isn’t magic – it’s science and psychology. You get what you give in this life, so just think of the power of giving a positive, grateful attitude at all times, to everyone you meet. And all it takes is a moment every day to pause and be grateful – for something, for everything.

With Gratitude x