About the Station Master

Grace Hopkins is the founder of Appreciation Station, a Sydney based business teaching mindset and gratitude.

Prior to founding Appreciation Station in 2013, Grace was an accomplished event manager, spending 10 years planning local and international events. This jet-setting multi-tasking career kept her running so fast she couldn’t remember everything she had achieved and rarely stopped to fully appreciate her achievements.

Feeling particularly unfulfilled one New Years Eve, Grace committed to writing one thing each day to be grateful for instead of setting new years resolutions. Quickly she noticed a positive changes in her mindset and emotions and set about studying the science behind gratitude, the brain and happiness.

After her own gratitude experience and helping friends to transform their mindsets, she was inspired to create Appreciation Station, a physical gratitude kit designed to kick start a habit of happiness.

After a successful crowdfunding campaign, Appreciation Station was launched in October 2014.

Grace Hopkins