50 Things I Appreciate

50 Things I Appreciate (In no particular order)

Sometimes, it can be hard to get started with gratitude, so I thought I would share 50 things I appreciate – I am sure many of these will apply to you too.

As the habit is developed, you will become grateful for things you might not have previously noticed throughout your day…

“All happy people are grateful. Ungrateful people cannot be happy. We think being unhappy leads people to complain, but complaining leads to people becoming unhappy.”  {Dennis Prager}

  1. Today. Each morning when I wake up, I say thank you for being given a new day to live
  2. Sunshine. I must be solar powered… I get my energy from the sun
  3. Access to fresh, clean water
  4. My family of entrepreneurs
  5. Legs that allow me to run
  6. Making my friends laugh
  7. Finding a new cafe that sells almond milk lattes
  8. Nature. It gives me perspective and a sense of calm
  9. Recycling, ‘cos it feels good
  10. My education and the ability to read
  11. Being busy
  12. My health fund, and being able to see a chiro for under $20
  13. Music and it’s ability to change my mood
  14. Learning Spanish amigos!
  15. My height and ability to always reach the top shelf
  16. Losing track of time in a good book
  17. Coconuts. Coconut water, milk, flour, cream and flakes are my pantry staples
  18. That ‘ahh’ feeling when you jump into your comfy bed after a long day
  19. Feeling safe in my own home
  20. Yoga to remind me how to breathe
  21. Receiving handwritten snail mail
  22. Doing nice unexpected things for others
  23. Farmers markets and access to fresh, organic, affordable food
  24. The smell of fresh baking
  25. My immune system
  26. The way a fern can grow in the cracks of a concrete wall
  27. Running half marathons
  28. Nice fonts and typography
  29. Clean sheets
  30. Dancing. I will probably never star in Dirty Dancing, but I don’t care
  31. Watching the sun set from my balcony
  32. Electricity and being able to pay my bill
  33. Curveballs. They give me the opportunity to grow and learn
  34. Winning a holiday to Bali
  35. Internet and the ability to be on the phone and the web at the SAME TIME!
  36. Growing up in the country, being chased by cows and building cubby houses
  37. First dates (and with every consecutive date, my appreciation grows)
  38. The invention of crowd funding
  39. Gin and tonics with fresh lime
  40. My motorbike, allowing me to zip around, enjoy free parking and spend $3.00 per week on fuel
  41. My garden, especially the guacamole tree
  42. Aeroplanes, my passport and being able to travel
  43. Being blonde
  44. Fresh cleaned teeth and access to toothpaste
  45. The way some flowers close up at night and open again in the morning
  46. Watching the stars
  47. Corn chips. Tacos. Actually anything Mexican.
  48. Flushing toilets (once you have travelled to Asia, you will love your toilet too!)
  49. My customers
  50. The universe, it really truly is magic