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How Gratitude Controls the Universe

Some people, when they hear about ‘gratitude’ just roll their eyes and assume it’s all wo-woo. How can an interior attitude have any effect on the world around them, much less on themselves? They might begrudgingly admit that gratitude might affect their mood and mental attitude to the point of having some benefit on their outlook, […]

Gratitude and Training: Do Sweat the Small Stuff

For runners, the marathon is always the goal. Whether you’ve done zero marathons or fifty in your life, there’s always another marathon: Worse weather, higher elevations, more hills. And every year, you’re older, and your legs are more beat up and your knees are stiffer, and the training seems to get harder and harder. You’re […]

50 Things I Appreciate

50 Things I Appreciate (In no particular order) Sometimes, it can be hard to get started with gratitude, so I thought I would share 50 things I appreciate – I am sure many of these will apply to you too. As the habit is developed, you will become grateful for things you might not have previously noticed throughout […]

How mindfulness can make running relaxing and easy

Running can be relaxing and easy. But it comes from the mind not the legs. I absolutely love running. I love the freedom, me time, fitness, sense of calm and achievement it brings. I do find it interesting that I can run the same course twice, a few days apart, and one day feels enjoyable, […]

2015 is the Year of Love

I have one goal this year. To love myself more. Nurturing myself to peak performance, rather than pushing myself to peak performance. In 2014, I pushed myself way too hard and by the end of the year I was totally burnt out, physically and mentally. One day, I cried for a whole yoga class. Just because I was so damned […]

How to overcome another ‘overrated’ New Years Eve

New Years Reflections On New Years Eve, we spend time reflecting on the past year. Our minds usually wander to our new years resolutions, which we typically use to gauge how successful the year has been. For a brief moment we get excited about how awesome the year was going to be with everything we wrote on […]

The Difference Between Gratitude and Giving Up

The Difference Between Gratitude and Giving Up   Living a life of gratitude has many benefits – proven medical and emotional benefits. But many people continue to be doubtful, either because they have never made a conscious effort to truly embrace gratitude as more than just a vague concept but as a lifestyle and core philosophy, […]

Have You Been to the Gratitude Gym Lately?

Working the Gratitude Muscle When you speak of gratitude as a constant, not a variable, people usually ‘yes’ you quite a bit, nodding and agreeing ‘absolutely’ with what you’re saying. But in practice it can be very difficult to keep a sense of gratitude foremost in your thoughts as you go through your life, even […]

Gratitude: The Fountain of Youth

Gratitude: The Fountain of Youth When you read something about how gratitude can slow the ageing process and turn back the clock, you might be tempted to dismiss it. But before you do, try a little experiment: Think of a time when you had some trouble in your life. It doesn’t matter what it was, […]

Developing a Habit of Happiness

Happiness Training Anyone who’s ever run a marathon, or known someone who’s run a marathon, knows that you don’t just wake up one day after spending the previous decade eating snacks and watching TV, leap out of bed, toss on your beat-up old runners and run the course. It takes months and months of training […]